im here and also interested.


Come join the fun!

This sounds amazing. I was wondering if you do gas mining as a big group. With people defending and lots of miners

We do huff gas but size of group depends on how many decent gas sites spawn.

Hi @Zlim_Naskingar !
Hi guys! New player here…almost new…i took my char from my brother, he decided to quit eve few months ago…looking for a nice bunch of people that will teach me a bit, but most of all, nice people to have fun with I have only one problem, i am italian but i live in Uk, and i can play only evenings from 22 eve time till 24 eve time…so a corp that is also active on that time…thanks!

Lots to do in wormholes and lots of isk to be made! Being part of Hole Control offers a lot of content as well!

We have had lots of interest, keep it coming!

Never a better time to step into the unknown then now. Come join in !!

PvP usually found within a few holes away. We enjoy dropping into our unsuspecting Null and Low neighbors to say hi! We also enjoy helping those inside other wormholes find their way out. Come join the fun with an active veteran wormhole corp!

Like large fleets and op? Hole Control content is yours for the taking!!

Are you Indy? Come help keep our market stocked with ships and fittings! We prefer buying within our market rather than sending our Isk to HS!

Explorer? Plenty of Data and Relic sites to loot. Rewards are even better now that they drop Needlejack Filaments!

Miner? We got Moons and Moons and Moons waiting to be mined out! Ore and Gas anoms as well!

Come and join the fun while we are recruiting!

Come join the fun! No Harm No Foul. If you find that wormhole life or our corp is not for you, we will help you move your stuff back out. No risk to join and see what it is like!

Looking for more!! PvP, Industry, PvE, Exploring, Mining & Gas Huffing! We have it all plus Alliance Ops if you are looking for large fleets. You know you want to join. Wormhole Living Best Living!!

Plenty of ISK and content to be had with us. Come join up while we are still recruiting!

We are looking for you!!

Come join an active corp! We have people doing just about everything the game has to offer in our wormhole. PvP, ratting, mining, gas huffing, industry, P.I. exploring, and did I mention PvP? Fly safely, fly dangerous, come fly with us!

The best thing about wormhole life is that it does not get stagnate. There are new wormholes opening up all the time bringing new content and activities. If the current ones are not meeting our needs, we role them and open new ones until we find what we want! Null, Low, and High Sec are always just a few jumps away!

Looking to join a wormhole corp? We are the one you are looking for! Looking for Nullsec fun, we are still the corp you are looking for. We always get holes to Null, Low, and High so we can meet everyone’s needs. Contact us now!

Come join the fun!