In Rust We Trust is Recruiting! PVP,PVE, Industry, Mining, Gas Huffing in Worm Hole Space

Who We Are:

We are a worm hole Corp that has recently restructured, we are part of the Hole Control Alliance a major player in worm hole space. We are an English Speaking Corp.

We are looking to expand our base of players mainly in the US time zone, in order to build a strong US time zone presence.

At present we have a base of US time zone players. With some members from the EU and AUS time zone.

We are also looking to expand our base in the EU time zone, and other time zones the only stipulation being is members must be able to speak English well enough to participate in Comm Channels.


What we offer:

Opportunity to take part in PVP, from small gangs to Strat-ops at alliance level.

Industrial activities of all kinds, ore mining, gas huffing, moon mining and P.I.

All types of worm holes and worm hole activity, with great chances of making loads of ISK.

A laid back atmosphere, where real life comes first, as always.

Experienced players to help new recruits with all aspects of worm hole life.


Corp buyback for Salvage, Ore, Gas, Loot and Sundries.

Help with ships and fits.
Dedicated Corp Discord and Team Speak Channels.
Alliance Discord and Team Speak channels.

What we are looking for.

Players from  all the Eve universe;   PVP, PVE, Miners, Industry, Explorers and more.

Players willing to train into Corp and Alliance ship Doctrines for home defence and Corp and
Alliance Ops if you can’t already fly them.

Play when you can and support the Corp and Alliance.

A friendly and non DRAMA attitude.

Trek along to our pub channel and one of our trained recruiters will speak to you, if they can find their qualifications in the Crayon Drawer.

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Still looking for people

rust is no longer

Any takers for us

Hi, im a long time returner. havent played since 2008. Want to relearn the game and get into pvp. Your corp sounds interesting. My character has a little more than 242 sp. If you can help me out in relearning everything, Id like to become a first rate member. Im having a hard time finding a corp. Im 48 years old and mature.

Ragnar Toe

HI OK if you can meet the requirements pop along to our public channel, or contact me in game, i’m sure we can work something out.

Still looking for players

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