Come play EVE with ИΞF - C4 class Wormhole with [C2 and C5 Static]

Hey there, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just figuring out which end of the spaceship to point forward, we might have something just for you. Kickstart your Eve journey with our New Player package, jam-packed with ships, skills, and all the cosmic swag you’ll need to blast off into the world of wormhole space! At ИΞF you discover everything there is to know about wormholes or learn something new with us.

What We Offer:

Wormhole Hangout: Join our ИΞF crew of Eve Online oddballs in a community that’s all about kicking back and having a blast! From grizzled space veterans to wide-eyed rookies, there’s a spot for everyone in our corporation.

Choose Your Speed: Zoom into the action or take it slow - it’s all good in our corner of the J Space. Want to dive headfirst into some epic/non epic PVP battles? Awesome. Feel like kicking back and admiring the view? That works too.

Real Life? No Prob: We totally get that real life can sometimes crash the party. That’s why we’re all about finding that sweet spot between playing Eve and taking care of business back on Planet Earth.

Shape the Stars: Ready to leave your mark on the New Eden Sandbox? Join the Nyxos Expedition Forces and help us carve out a piece of space history. Together, we’ll boldly go where no one has gone before, maybe, depends on what type of WH we rolled into.

Let’s Do This!

Pop by our in-game channel, ИΞF Recruitments, and shoot the breeze with our laid-back recruiters. See you out there.

ИΞF Discord

ИΞF Recruitments

Come and join the fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: