🚀 [EU/US] Points Mean Prizes - C4 Wormhole PvP

Not sure what to do in EVE?

Tired of mining in Hi-sec or doing L4 missions for little gain?

Tired of nullsec umbrella fleets hot dropping your nuts off and making your day worse?

Fancy a bit of excitement and danger instead?

Join Points Mean Prizes for small gang wormhole PvP.

We are a friendly and supportive group of pilots who enjoy the thrill of wormhole PVP. We have a lot of experience and can offer you thorough training in the art of scanning, and covert operations.

We are exceptional at punching above our weight and we will train you as such. We will put a smile on your face as you blow someone’s favourite ship into a million pieces whilst being outnumbered. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good explosion?

Our rules are relaxed. We will not restrict what you want to fly, only offer help and advice so that you can succeed. We have plenty of excellent ship fits if required. So long as you come on our discord when you play and have a mic, we’re happy. We follow an honourable code and will not go against any word given to other players. Because we’re nice people who want to have fun.

PvP loot is given to the person who scans the system and also to the person who finds the content. So scanning is quite profitable for the adventurous individual!

But it’s not all about the explosions!

With the right skills and equipment, our C4 wormhole offers 500 million ISK per hour, and with another C4 static, you can turbo-crab to your heart’s content and we will use you as bait while you do it!

P4 PI making 100m+ a day (per account) is also an option in our system for the excel spreadsheet connoisseur.

Experience with PVP and wormhole mechanics is a plus, but not required.

We’re happy to help new pilots learn the ropes (and how not to get blown up!).

Entry requirements:

  • Microphone/Comms.
  • 10m Skill points. Less if you’re interested and keen.
  • English speaking, basic will do. (We have Greek/German/Norway/Freedom).
  • Working towards a Cloaking Device on your ship.

If you want to have a chat with us and ask any questions, or apply, here is our discord: Play Your Cards Right

Zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98139493/

Fly safe!

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