⁛ Play Eve with Nyxos Expedition Forces - C4 [C2 and C5 Static] ⁛

Join us at Nyxos Expedition Forces (ИΞF) and dive into the heart of adventure within a C4 class wormhole, adorned with a dynamic C2/C5 static connection.

⁛ What We Offer:

Diverse Community: Join a supportive community where every member’s unique playstyle is valued and celebrated.

Endless Opportunities: Discover rich opportunities for growth, learning, and shared accomplishments as you traverse the depths of wormholes space.

Flexible Engagement: Engage in a variety of activities, from thrilling PvP encounters to lucrative PvE ventures, all at your own pace.

Real-Life Balance: We understand that real-life commitments come first, ensuring a healthy balance between your virtual endeavors and personal obligations.

Shape the Future: Become a pioneer of the Nyxos Expedition Forces and leave your mark on the ever-evolving landscape of Wormhole playstyle.

⁛ Join Us Today!

Visit our in-game channel, NEF Recruitments, and talk with our recruiters.
Our Discord

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