Come PVP with us!

Aloha friends!

  • Fully Articulated is small gang PVP focused wormhole corp. We will also roam other types of space outside wormholes.
  • We are especially in need of individuals with prior PVP talent that like to teach and mentor other players. Good teachers will not go unseen and will be reimbursed for their valuable time.
  • New players with a high interest in shooting other players are highly encouraged to come learn with us.
  • Overall we hope to promote a fun environment where people can enjoy some PVP and keep the game of EVE alive!

Stop by in our public chat channel “Full Radar” or send a email to Crash Jayco if desired.

Crash Jayco

  • We do not discriminate against anybody. Understand that respect among players is very important within this corporation. Don’t forget EVE is still just a game.

Recruitment is still open and we have a new player as of yesterday! He is from EU timezone and brings a great wealth of knowledge from his years in nullsec. He is very experienced in mining, production, and a overall has a great knowledge of the game! If you would be interested in learning from somebody like him, come visit us in channel Fully Articulated or email Crash Jayco in game. Fly Dangerously!

Recruitment is still open. We have a few new players and we are currently looking for more PVP/PVE focused players to help lead the corp in a combat oriented direction. Please visit us in channel “Full Radar” for more information!

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