Fractured Insanity. Is your New Home


We are looking for all types of players that want to live in Null Sec. We also have a high sec home for the new bros to get feet wet and train skills before diving head first in to Null Life. We live in Amazing Space that will provide more than enough for all.

“Best, richest and profitable space in New Eden”

:slight_smile: Opportunity to live in high end null sec space Havens and Sanctums all day! ability to make billions of ISK
:slight_smile: T1 Mining barges provided to all high sec Pilots.
:slight_smile: Newborn Friendly (we currently are putting together an SRP for VNI)
:slight_smile: Looking for PVP Pilots lots of targets in near by NPC NULL
:slight_smile: We need people that want to FC small gang and can Produce Respect driven Content.
:slight_smile: Jump Freighter Service Available
:slight_smile: Ore Buy Back Program


  1. Discord with a working microphone
  2. Full API (Without expiry date) for all accounts and alts
  3. Maturity
  4. No Drama No Drama
  5. Don’t be a dick

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We need more for PVP ops

Looking for Black op and capital Pilots

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Still need even more pilots tons of gf to be had

Great home Really fun and Helpful

Bumping to the top

Looking for more good folks

more folks join daily you should too

More and more folks joining Daily

We are pvping and building caps where are you

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Hey Ive been playing for a couple weeks as an Alpha. Id like to go Omega but would prefer to be a part of a corp first. How do I join?

Hello To much PVP need MORE pvp pilots

Still looking fopr more pilots

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I’m returning to Eve after many extended playing periods and breaks. I have two main chars that are in the 50 Mil skill range. I’ve done a lot of mining in the past, and PvE mission running. Also some amount of scientific research and training. Never done worm holes, explorations or much with running PoS though I do have ice mining skills.

Please let me know if you are looking for people like me.


You would be a good fit and we dont mind teaching folks how to do things in eve I will send you a Mail ingame today

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