Fractured Insanity (NOFUX) is Recruiting for Null

We are looking for all types of players that want to live in Null Sec. We also have a high sec home for the new bros to get there feet wet and train skills before diving head first in to Null Life. We live in Amazing Space ( -0.9 and -0.8) that will provide more than enough Isk opportunities for all.

“Best, richest and profitable space in New Eden”

:slight_smile: 10% Tax Rate
:slight_smile: Opportunity to live in high end null sec space Havens and Sanctums all day! Ability to make billions of Isk
:slight_smile: T1 Mining barges provided to all Pilots.
:slight_smile: Newborn Friendly (we currently are putting together an SRP for VNI)
:slight_smile: Looking for PVP Pilots. Lots of targets in near-by NPC NULL
:slight_smile: We need people that want to FC small gang and can Produce Respect driven Content.
:slight_smile: Free Jump Freighter Service Available
:slight_smile: Ore Buy Back Program


  1. Discord with a working microphone
  2. Full API (Without expiry date) for all accounts and alts
  3. Maturity
  4. No Drama No Drama
  5. Don’t be a dick

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