Comedian looking for a pirate/wormhole corp

Piracy is my primary interest at this point. I have over a billion isk and I just want to focus on some cost effective pvp in an effort to do so profitably. A corporation that also has a presence in a wormhole in addition to engaging in piracy would be ideal. I have 22 million sp and I’m experienced in PVE, pvp and know the game very well. A bit rusty cuz I’ve been out for a while but knowledgeable enough not to be a liability overall. I want to make an effort to make this game fun again and piracy/wormhole activities seems like the best way to go about it at this point. I can mainly only do piracy at this point until I graduate college in December then I’ll have more time to get more into the game. I’ve played this game off and on since 2010. I’m alpha right now but will go Omega once I’m recruited. I’m also an idgaf comedian so I’ll make things pretty hilarious over voice chat.

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