Commissioned Officer Edition of Eve Online

How much would an unopened Commissioned Officer Edition of Eve Online be worth does anyone know? And is there interest in such an item? I was doing a cleanout and found one that seems to be in good condition. Obviously not looking to trade an IRL item for in game money, talking about RL money for RL item, and apologies if this is offtopic or not allowed here, if so please guide me to where I should ask such things.

It’s worth exactly as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Put it up on an auction site and see what happens.

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Here is description of that edition:

Is there anything actually cool in the box? Poster, cards, a soul?


I think CCP could make new, fresh edition of distribution people could buy in the Store.

Commissioned Officer Packs - Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente, Caldari (there would be 4, for each Empire):

  1. Special racial uniforms they added recently. With Berets.
  2. Empire navy SKINs for various ships. From frigate to battlecruiser.
  3. SP accelerator for 30 days.
  4. 1 month omega time.

There’s a 30 days game time, full colour poster plus reference chart and some implants inside

Oo now we are talking. Tell me about this poster and chart

Is this some older than 2010 edition? The description on the site doesnt mention those.

Of course it needs photos af all content available, but better to not unpack it.

I think it’s a 2010 edition. I would give you pics of the inside but I don’t want to open it as that would greatly reduce the value. Here’s some pics.

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Sadly the “poster” just seems to be the cover x2 larger than the DvD case

Cheapest on Ebay Isaw at a quick look was £15 inc post

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