EVE Online Art of New Eden Limited Edition PM me

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Not entirely sure if I can post this on Eve forums at all, I once had permission from Eve staff to auction one of my limited edition Art of new eden books by a in game lottery with ISK but getting the permission from them took 2 months and I had already quit the game and left BIG corporation.

And currently I’m in need of emergency funds to pay for college supplies so I decided to take the risk and post on the forums. I have it up on eBay but I won’t post the link here since that would be 100% against the rules I’m sure so if you are interested in purchasing this please PM me, would be a big help because I need funds for expensive supplies for class and Book advance already used on books/other supplies pell grant refund wont arrive for another 2 weeks atleast.

So anyways, again, if you are interested in this please PM.


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Nevermind! lucked out and it sold on ebay after like 1 hour. Could a mod please close this

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Not the correct place, for this thread. Best of luck with your school issues.

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