Looking for Frigates of EVE Limited Edition

(Safia Vaga) #1

I am looking to buy the Frigates of EVE Limited Edition in original condition, but aside from this one guy selling at $1599 (https://www.bonanza.com/listings/The-Frigates-Of-Eve-Online-Limited-Edition-/482923779) , there doesn’t seem to be any up for sale anywhere.

Do you guys know of / have it for sale, or do i really have to dig this deep to get my hands on one in original condition? :frowning:

  • Safia

(Linus Gorp) #2

Only 1337 of those were manufactured. How many of those do you think are still unopened and how many of those do you think are for sale?

The odds are against you.

PS: I’m not selling mine :wink:

(Drago Shouna) #3

Describe your meaning of original…

Do you mean unopened?
Do you mean it still has everything with it including unclaimed codes?

Or would a copy that has been opened and the owner has had a quick glance at it qualify?

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