Complete player Looking for a WH PVP Corp


Me ( Kio77 is an alt) :

  • 21 yo / eutz
  • started playing in 2022
  • played 4 months in a fr WH pvp corpo (spe. in small gang)
  • currently getting impressed by the boredom of NS
  • elite at turbo probing (:robot: pf always correct)
  • can fly pretty much everything / use multiple accounts
  • love fitting
  • 25% farm (industrie + trade) 25% fitting 25 % probing 25% roam in NS

Want :

  • to step my pvp gameplay up
  • small gang
  • dirty ops
  • a new corp start in July
  • Ishtar to desappear :sleeping:

Voilà, I wish someone is gonna be interested by my profile. If you are, let’s talk a bit on o7. :thinking:

I’ve posted some further info on the discord server o7

bump -,-

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

We have EU Friends and EU relays!

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