Completed - WTB Barge/Exhumer/Miner pilot(s)

(Myyra Solara) #1

Looking for sub-10mil-sp pilot(s) skilled in Mining Barges minimum, Exhumers preferable, addl mining skills ideal.

(Blue Beck) #2 Really the points are 5.7m in cloaking currently

I need leave my corporation first , is in high sec, positive wallet, dont kill right , can deliver in five hours because need empty her inventory and not in my house now.

Offer ?

(Yeonin Kion) #3

3b. Is that good?

(Blue Beck) #5

Yes, i need empty the account. Send the isk and acc name and i send in 4 hours aprox when i in home

(Yeonin Kion) #6

I have send the isk. Please confirm

(Blue Beck) #7

I see the isk in evemon, i assume the Account name is in the Description ? or send an evemail with the Acc name.


(Yeonin Kion) #8

I have sent the account name via mail.

(Adam Thunder) #9

I m the same owner than blue

And was an obelisk Pilot before extracted last week.

3.2 b

Same conditions, i sell in 4 hours, is in high sec, positive wallet, no kill rights all ccp rules apply.

(Myyra Solara) #10

Yes - I’m interested in Adam Thunder for 3.2b if still available.

(Adam Thunder) #11

Yes, send me the isk and acc name and i delivern in 5 minutes.

(Myyra Solara) #12

isk sent to Adam Thunder

account name sent via evemail to Adam Thunder


(Adam Thunder) #13

Transfer was done one moment ago.

(Blue Beck) #14

This pilot was transfer one moment ago too

(Egdald Egdald) #15

Hi I have a 10 m sp mining alt for sale. Comes with a hulk all mining drones specialist 5 exhumers 5

(Myyra Solara) #16

Just bought 2 miners now, but will entertain the 10m sp toon depending on best sale price you can offer.

  • Will be closing thread after this info exchange -


(shaxter Adolf) #17 looking me!

(Masterpettitt) #18

you still for sale ?

(Father Omega) #19

Barge IV
Mining V
Astrogeology V

Another Interplanetary V , (six planets)

Will be delivered in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet, all ccpr rules apply

Please answer thread, not reading eve mail

hearing offers

(system) #20

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