WTB Mining Barge Pilots

Looking for miner/PI character. Include link to skills and let me know what you want for the character

currently online and accepting offers. Sorry I wasn’t able to get to you early enough Adam

Interested in this?
18mil sp miner alt with PI skills
Liv inia’s skills
What would be your offer? I can include an Orca if the price is right (which she can fly)

Daily Bump. Still looking

send me a link to the eveboard for your character

still looking


Barge IV
Mining V
Astrogeology V

Another Interplanetary V , (six planets)

Will be delivered in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet, all ccpr rules apply

Please answer thread, not reading eve mail

hearing offers

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Bump. Still looking for pilots.


+5 Implants (Perception, Willpowerr, Intelligence, Memory)

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