WTB Mining barge Pilots

  • Mining Barge V
  • Mining V
  • Mining Upgrades III/IV

Exhumer skills are a bonus.

Looking for simple, low sp, focused miners.

2-4b in price. Post here with eveskillboard.com and price


Have Miing Barge IV

I deliver her with 250k more points for allocation (have in alt-y windows the book)


Why are you waiting to redeem the book before sale, isntead of doing it now so we can confirm it on the skillboard

Because if you dont purchase her, i can use in other character in the account.

i send you a mail in a sec

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gerard_Watson 2.6b

Mining barge IV but decent miner.

Can you hop online real quick to answer a few questions @Gerard_Watson

Replied @Rosebud_Kane

i check in a minute

yeah, give me a minute

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