WTB Miners role

Looking to purchase T2 mining ship, barge character. Need to be able to use T2 equipment with processing capability.

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T2 Miner + Dreadnought (Moros) pilot.
Check processing skills. Dont have all of it, cause the char was inactive since 2015 i think :).
So Industry changes may have affected her :D.


Offer ?

While it looks great, skills other than miner skills, especially G dreadnoughts, don’t help me at all, and from that point of view, I don’t offer the same price as those who need G Dreadnoughts. So I will consider 15B. Of course, you can also provide the price you want, and we can negotiate.

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Thx for the offer m8, but im looking for like 20B for the char :S.

Also interested, somewhat of the same boat as Vinny. I don’t need the gunnery or the dreadnought but I appreciate the remaining capital skills.

Hi, I am going to be on the market, take a look;


For now, 20B is too much of a premium for this character, I’ll offer 16B.

It is very in line with the current requirements. I would like to offer 8B first. If you are willing to sell now, you will get an offer of 8.5B

That’s pretty much what I could extract in skills myself, 23 injectors less the cost of extractors = 8.1bil but I appreciate you taking a look

Well what you mind for now? we can talk

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Looking for 11bill as transfer fee and extractors already = around 9.3bil

If topic starter will pass (that is his topic I’m a quest) plz make private selling topic, I will pay 11 b for that char.

as offer of 11 has been made I have agreed and sale is going ahead

so go up

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any offers?