WTB Starter Mining Alt

Im looking to buy a Small CHEAP FOCUSED low skill point mining alt. What do you have? 3-5bil, maybe more.

And Go:

Price 5b. 16 days from orca. Can fly caldari blockade runners, t2 explorer ships, mining barges with t2 tank, modulated strip miner 2 (veldspar t2 crystal) and t2 light drones for support.

Tempting…I’ll consider him.

Cool, let me know. I’m at work today so wont be able to confirm anything for another 8ish hours.

I’ll behonest, little steep for the skills if I have to be honest. I’ll throw this number out for you to think about. 3 billion. You have 8 hours to think about, if I buy another 1 or inject a new toon ( I’m doing something today for an alt- at work my self so have 8 hrs myself to decide what I want to do )

I say 3, as I bought another alt with 5+million for cheaper. But I’ll let you know. Thanks

Can you work with me on price ?

Split the middle 4bn?

I’d feel more comfortable at 3.5?

Ide rather not. There is an exhumer pilot right next to this post. May be able to get more of what you are looking for.

Let me feel like I won…3.8 And I will transfer the isk tonight

Offer retracted

Offer retrCted

I’ll have to think about

Off work now. I accept 3.8 bn if it still holds. I will transfer as soon as payment is recieved. PM me account info.

Ok, I want to buy it on my other account when I get home from work… 3.8 billion ( his name will be 0sync0 ) I’ll will respond to a private sale thread with said character 0sync0. Ccp rules need to apply to ensure safety. I’m sure you agree.

I’ll reply to this thread when I get home as well with said character. Then just setup the private sale thread and we can do business. Again cop’s rules , not mine. I DO AGREE TO BUY AT 3.8

Cool? Thanks man. I appreciate it. My bad for not posting wtb with 0syn0

Confirming for you, should be home in 1.5-2hrs. 3.8 bil

Kk too easy. I’ll be standing by.

OK man, I need you to make your private sale ( since your selling) thread and get it ready. Im logged in game with this character now. Please send me in game mail to this character as well confirming that you are selling please. Im ready to roll. Thanks

Kk will make thread and send mail

thank you