SOLD Two Miners for sale 5m

(Battle Procurer) #1

Hi, i dont play much lately for internet problems.

Wanna sell these two pilots: 4.7m
As you can see is a bait miner but relatively effective as is, was leveled the last parts as alpha because my internet problems, very strong drones for ratting or similar and have electronic warfare and a NICE NAME ! 4.5m
As you can see she is a normal decent miner for high sec with 4.2m points and mining barge IV, she can have 250k more points if i redeem the book , but need the isk to activate the other account.

Both are in high sec, have not kill rights, positive wallet dont have really idea of the price. Offer.

(Rosebud Kane) #2

I am for sale

(Brock Khans) #3

Just an FYI you can transfer to/from alpha accounts. You do not need to sub the account to transfer the characters

(Rosebud Kane) #4

i want activate the account of this char" invite a friend" and put the 250k book in her before sell

(Brock Khans) #5

That only works with new accounts not existing.

(Rosebud Kane) #6

Trust me, the other account was invited before but i never redeem (is a third account with a pending alpha to omega upgrade)

(Eaze Gamez) #7

2.6 bill

(ProjecT Tiranus) #8

3b Kane

(Rosebud Kane) #9

Kane sold, send me the isk and the account name and i send u the Pilot as soon i get the 250k bonus.

edit : Answer the thread when done , i am connected with other character but reaing the forum.

(Rosebud Kane) #10

Today bump

(Rosebud Kane) #11

Both pilots avaialble

Today bump

(Rosebud Kane) #12

Both pilot available and can be decent VNI with little work.

(Corporate Buyer) #13

I offer 3b for Battle, ready for send the isk when you accept

(Battle Procurer) #14

I accept the offer, please send the isk and the account name.

(Rosebud Kane) #15

i am for sale, battle procurer was SOLD

Have Miing Barge IV

I deliver her with 250k more points for allocation (have in alt-y windows the book)


(Brock Khans) #16

2.8b agreed on for Rosebud with the 250k unallocated points.

(Brock Khans) #17

acc name/isk sent to rosebud

(Rosebud Kane) #18

Agree with conditions, I go to redeem and send as soon i can ( boss in office )

(Rosebud Kane) #19

i am not sure what is the process of transferm but i think is on the way, please confirm you receive her.

Fly safe

(Brock Khans) #20

transfer mail receieved