Compression button location

There needs to be something placed between the compress button and the jettison button on the drop down menu. It is way to easy to miss click and send everything out in to space.


No doubt about it

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ehm… Button? there is one? its a dropdownmenu, welcome to windows 95

I get it I am old and not so hip with the lingo.

we all wish that we get buttons… but ccp refuse it, instead of it they use old interfaceidea

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Their UI (especially the “input amount” windows) really need a bit of polish
They often cut off valuable information even if you stretch the window to the max

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Throw it into the “Little Things” thread here: Little things / Small QoL suggestions and make sure to follow the template.

I got it. No prob.

Can we get a selection to “Autocompress”. Really suck when the hold is almost full and you have to keep chasing compression. Christ, just auto compress until the hold is full. Or have a threshold for compression that you can set.


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