CONCORD Bounties

Only CONCORD can place bounties. CONCORD only places bounties on players for the destruction of property in faction space equal to the estimated value of the victims uninsured losses. This does not include cargo or items that survive the destruction of a ship. As long as bounties are always equal to the victim’s uninsured losses, it can’t be abused. For example, if a player uses a pirate character to destroy another character’s ship, the bounty gained on the pirate character is equal to the cost of the ship and whatever modules were destroyed with it. If the ships is insured, the cost of the ship is not included in the bounty. Bounties should then work like contracts. When a player accepts a bounty contract, it grants them kill rights on the criminal.

This has been asked for too many times.

It’s been asked because it makes sense. Why no?

Vro just look at one of the other threads requesting pretty much the same thing I’m too tired to explain why this is a dumb idea but it should be fairly obvious.

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you want to fix bounties?

make them contracts

in the contract you can set

the max isk pool (total available bounty)

duration of the bounty (any isk left in the pool after this goes back to the issuer)

collateral if minimum damage not inflicted before contract expires accept must pay.

max isk pay out per kill

minm isk value of eligible kill

% of payout based on kill value

who the bounty is available to





With this, only a tiny minority of players would ever actually receive bounty and barely anyone would ever collect bounty.

Congratulations, you took a broken mechanic and turned it into a barren wasteland.


Based on contracts sounds great.
But the payed amount must still be tied to the value destroyed (as it is now). Public contracts could easily be exploited by the player with the bounty via an alt - he simply has himself killed in a rookie ship and without implants and collects the bounty.

If you are talking about random bounties and the negative impact on your character due to this pesky 100 k bounty - how about some bribes?
I wouldn’t mind a system where you can remove your bounty by paying it off (plus a hefty “administration” fee, of course). Concord can be payed to look away when people randomly wardec - so why wouldn’t they agree to cash in the bounty AND the bribe? -> Perfect ISK sink … :stuck_out_tongue: - and another form of ISK war for real rivals trying to retain their credibility as honest traders (if there is such a thing).
With this system you could still have your bounty removed the old-fashioned way or just ignore it just the same as now. It just adds another way to remove it on your own if you feel it was unjustified - if you have the petty cash.

re-read it that is already covered

being able to set this yourself means that private contracts you can pay out 100% of a ship kill value

this also aids in protection for this

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