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if someone puts a big bounty on me, and a fellow corp kills me, he would take that isk?

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Only if you die in a ship worth five times your bounty. Bounty payment is ~20% of the ship’s value sans insurance up to the bounty amount.

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Let’s say you have 100 million ISK bounty. If you fly a frigate that’s worth 400k and get blown up, whoever kills you gets 20% of 400k = 80k. And now you have 99.92 million ISK bounty.

Also, the rules of combat (Concord response, suspect / criminal status, etc.) DO NOT CHANGE just because you have a bounty. So if a fellow corp. kills you, but your corp. doesn’t allow friendly kills, Concord will respond (in high-sec).

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The 400k is the Isk value of the ship, fitting and cargo and the payout is 20% after insurance and dropped loot. Therefore, there won’t be 80k payout, but less (you always get minimum insurance payout of 40% of the ship value for a tech 1 ship). Maximum payout for a 400k ship is 20% of 400k-40% = 48k.
For pods it’s 20% of implant value.

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Right, the payout would be less than my math; I didn’t figure insurance compensations into it.

So, a lot of newbies are devastated when they receive a bounty, but in fact the bounty doesn’t really change much. If you get attacked, PVP decisions are made based on what ship you’re flying (and whether the attacker thinks he can win against that ship), and it’s a split-second decision, so people don’t really have time to check or consider the bounty before making the attack-or-flee decision.

A lot of veterans will pass out bounties even for things like saying “hello” in local. That serves two purposes:

  1. Gives a newbie a “wanted” sign, which in this PVP game it’s almost like having a “nasty PVP’er” reputation, which is good.

  2. “Ruins” a “perfect” character. Some people get attached to their character, and the reality is that your character is supposed to be just another tool to let you achieve fun in this game. It will never be “perfect”; you’ll make a mistake and shoot the wrong thing and get Concorded and lose your sec. standings, or you’ll join the “wrong” corp, or you’ll get a bounty, or train the “wrong” skill, or whatever., and then your game is “ruined, forever”. The bounty is a message to not get too attached, and instead of making a perfect character, try to just make a character that will give you fun. Try piracy, try PVP, try stealing or scamming, etc.

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