Player Bounties paying 10% of Insurance but reducing the player bounty by 20%

Bounties are not being applied correctly at present.
It appears that they are paying a total of 10% of the insurance to the person doing the killing, but reducing the killed persons bounty by 20%.

I had a purifier I tested with.

Total worth: 24,437,273
Insurance Payout: 18,542,196
Bounty Payout: 3,708,439 (as per Killmail)

The bounty should be 20% which would be: 3,708,439

However, after checking the wallet and the mail notification, I actually see that the payment was: 1,854,219.6

So, it’s 10% of the insurance payout.

Checking the person who was killed (my alt in this case)
Total Original Bounty: 10,100,000.
New Bounty: 6,391,560.
A difference of 3,708,439. (20% of the insurance payout).

This therefore means it has reduced the bounty by 20% and only paid out for 10%.

I assume this is part of the “chaos” and another isk sink but worth flagging


Bounty reduction:

Were you in fleet with your alt :slight_smile:

any member in fleet gets his share, if there are two it will be 50%

also, this income is taxed by corp taxes, if the corp taxes are 50% it would explain it

if neither was the case then you might be onto something


Holy crap. thats silly

2019.08.22 13:52:53	Bounty Prize	1,854,219 ISK	101,455,534,046 ISK	addelee got bounty prize for killing addelee

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