How to claim bounty

I joined the game a few days ago, and I see that in missions if you kill some NPC, you get bounty, where do you claim the ISK for the bounty? Thanks.

It automatically goes to your wallet once you kill the rat. It may take a few minutes before you get the ISK, and the ISK may be “bundled” with all the other bounties you’ve accumulated in the last few minutes.

a “tick” as Archer mentioned, is 20 min. So once you start blowing up rats, in 20 Min. you will get a notification of the bounties you received from killing rats.

It is important to note. If you run a mission with a fleet member and they are on grid with you, they get half the bounties when stuff is killed, even if they didn’t help kill it.

If they are in fleet, but not on grid with you, you get full bounties.

There is also the option if you run fleet with one or more people, if its your mission, you can share the mission bounty, time bonus reward, and LP with the other fleet members, or keep it all to yourself.

Not all missions have rats that will have bounties. There are some that when you click on them, they won’t produce bounties. I’ve noticed those tend to be the missions that go against other empires. An Example is Level 4 mission, Enemies Abound. 95% of the rats don’t have bounties, but you get officer tags which make up for no bounties, but you also get hit with negative standings against Gallente Empire.

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dose the same thing apply on pvp people to

Yes, it does.

Getting a bounty on a person works in a similar way. Just blow them up and you get some bounty.

Regarding how much of a bounty a person gets… that’s a bit complicated.

The long and short of it is that the attacking players will only get a percentage of the value of the “Wanted” player’s ship (the one he is destroyed in)… regardless of however much their total bounty is.

So if a player has a 1 Billion ISK bounty on them, but is only flying a 10 Million ISK Frigate… the potential payout will be, at most, 2 Million ISK. Less if there are multiple attackers.

Yes… this seems a bit convoluted and dumb. But it does organically prevent people from “gaming” the system (see: if it was possible to collect the full bounty in some way, people would find ways to get their “alt” characters to claim the bounty on themselves.

Edit: Also, for all you newbros…

Having a bounty placed on you WILL NOT change any safety or combat mechanics!

Anyone who shoots you in High-Sec space (1.0 to 0.5 systems) without the proper “triggers” (see: being in a corp vs corp war, consenting to a duel, or you going “Suspect” status) will be blown up by the local police in 25 seconds or less.

So if someone places a bounty on you, rejoice. Someone either is being cheeky (contact them and see if you can be their friend) or you have pissed someone off. :wink:
Nothing else changes.


Also of note, having a bounty on you does not mean you will be a target, unless someone is actively going after those with bounties. there’s some with over 40 bil isk or more in bounties and regardless where in space they are, they don’t get attacked over their bounty

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Absolutely true. I pissed off the wrong Russian at some point in my EVE carreer and I still have half of an 1B bounty left. Not once did I feel I got blown up because of it. I do enjoy the idea that everyone that manages to do so, gets a little isk as a pat on the back. I tend to forget about it entirely untill a new player mentions it. I then show them the killmail that caused it… to inspire them to do the same :laughing:

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