Concordless eve event

This event idea that I thought of has many benefits, to many players, regardless if they are new, old, returning, noobs, etc. The event should be run by, “The Agency”. I also suggest that the event should last for a week max.

I have also thought of the background story that leads to the event idea that I am proposing. The some enemy hostile corporations have joined forces, and have carried out a devious attack against the concord. They have hacked the stargates thru out EVE, have reprogramed them to jump almost every concord ship into unknown dead space. The few concords that remain are now being used to secure solar systems that have very large trading hubs (ex: Jita), as well as sec 1.0 solar systems. Because of this, systems that do not fall in the description above, are now temporarily low sec or null sec until Concord Police are able to get the missing concords out of dead space. According to them it will take a week (the reason why the event should last for a week).

Now to describe how the idea event will work and some prize suggestions for the event.

The following shows a suggestion list of sec lvl changes during the event:
*Solar systems that still have concord security (as described previously) - lvl 0.5 (discussed why latter)
*orig sec lvl 0.9 - 0.8 -> 0.4
*orig lvl 0.7 -> 0.3
*orig lvl 0.6 -> 0.2
*orig lvl 0.5 -> 0.1
*orig lvl 0.4 -> 0.0
*orig lvl 0.3 -> -0.1

  • orig lvl -0.3 -> -0.7
  • orig lvl -0.4 -> -1.0
  • orig lvl -0.5 - -1.0 -> battle field lvl (will be discussed latter on in this post).

The rewards work in the following way, there is a point system where players can gain and loose points as well. Everyone starts of at 0 points, this is not the minimum, the points can go in negative zone as well. Players gain points by killing hostiles, or they can gain even twice as many more points if they kill pkers or suspects. Players loose points by killing non-hostiles, and loose twice as many more points by killing a non-pker capsule. No points are gained or loosed by performing such activities in solar system that still have concord.

The reason why the still secure solar systems should be kept at sec lvl 0.5 is so that players who do not wish to take part in the event can do other things like mine, but at the same time they would not be affected by the event scince players would be able to mine rocks that are found all the way to sec 0.5 in the still secure systems. NOTE: IF A USER LOGS INTO THE GAME DURING THE EVENT THERE SHOULD BE SOMETHING LIKE A PROMPT THAT ASKS IF THEY WANT TO BE TELEPORTED TO A SECURE SYSTEM IF THEY ARE NOT IN A SECURE SYSTEM. The player will be teleported to a random secure system.

In battle field sec lvl users are able to gain or loose 4x as much points for their actions. However here during the time of the event players should be able to destroy the stargates inside the battlefield sec systems. The stargates will reappear every 30mins.

The type of prize is awarded is based on the sign(positive or negative) and the amount of points. There should be a leader board where players are ranked based on most negative points and most positive points. Players who have most negative should get prizes that are hostile faction ( shadow serpentis, or gueristas…), positive should get non-hostile faction prizes(caladri navy, gallente, …).

I hope people on this forum like my event idea.

UPDATE : In order to gain or loose points when doing capsuler to capsuler combat, both capsulers must be activley engaging with each other. Also one gets another x100 as many points for destroying dregought. While at the same time one only get half as much of the total points gained if the ship destroyed is a frigerate or lower.



So basically the idea here is to set up a situation in which capsuleers have the option to police these systems during CONCORD’s temporary absence in exchange for rewards?

It’s not like there isn’t a precedent for reduction in CONCORD’s rapid response capabilities. That’s pretty much how the Elder War and the reclamation of Caldari Prime were even able to happen.

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Policing was actually not the main idea of this, it could be said as the secondary idea. The primary idea is actually to promote pvp, especially towards new players in the game, since they have little to nothing to loose in a fight, except they gain experience. If you were to ask a lot of new players (not extremely new but new), quite a bunch would say their scared to enter low sec. When in reality the best part of the game is in low sec. This event might help push these new players to come out of their shells and see the universe of EVE around them.

You’ll forgive my confusion when you earlier describe a point system wherein more points are gained by attacking players that are “hostile”, have recently killed another player, or have gone suspect, and points are lost by attacking non-hostiles. It pretty much seems like you gain more points if you’re acting to punish those who have recently attacked other players.

I get the idea is to promote PvP. I like the idea, if not the lore-based explanation for it. A random and temporary lowering of security status is an interesting idea.

Also, you should never, ever use the term “pk-er” in EVE. We refer to them either as pirates or, if they have a flashy icon from having recently performed a violent action, “criminals”.

But you still get as many rewards if you are closer to the bottom of the leader board. You probably didn’t understand the reward system. To make it more better understandable, think of it as two leader boards one for those who have negative points, and one for those who have positive points. The players are ranked higher in the negative leader board if they have a more negative score. The obvious opposite is the case for the positive leader board, where a player is ranked higher if they have a higher score(more positive score).

So basically you can go on a ganking or criminal streak and go bellow 0 points and keep going down and have the most negative score, and you will receive the same or similar prize like the player who had the most positive points, but instead you will have the prize from a hostile faction, while the other will have it from a non-hostile faction. Think of it as shadow serpentis antimatter charges for the negatives and caladri navy antimatter charges for the positives. Obviously there should be better prizes than just charges. Also, having the most positive does not mean you will get the hostile faction prizes as well, no. That was why I said think of it as two different leader boards earlier on in this reply.


Ooooh, I see.

I rather like that idea.


Does CPP ever look thru the posts in the idea section of this forum of theirs?

So I get pirate stuff if I continuously pod my own alt who never killed anyone thus counting as a non-pker pod. Is this how you plan for it to work because that’s how the player base will do it to win the best prizes.

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If there is a system it will be gamed…

Take a look at the update I made in the post above. Also, even if one was to do that, anyone actually fighting at battle field sec would probably be getting the same amount of points or even more. Since at battle field sec with the killing player bonuses and the location bonus one would be getting x8 as many points.

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I did not get what you were trying to say.

If you can benefit from killing an alt people will kill their alts. And not just their alts their friends alts and their friends friends alts… untill it gets crazy.

But if you think about it… the people who will get the most benefit, if we talk about experience, are the newer players. Of which most of them are alpha clone states. From obvious knowledge about the game that we all know, you can’t be on your alt and your main at the same time if you are a alpha state clone.
If you look back at my previous replies you can clearly see that the main idea of the event was to help make newer players go to low sec or null sec, and also introduce them into PvP.

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I can probably kill a few dozens frigate in the time it takes to kill 1 dread. I’m still; way ahead by killing my alt with your system.

I edited the update. Also, using multiple accounts (not referring to alt character’s) is against the rules of EVE. Isn’t it? Or am i wrong?

Multiple alpha accounts is a no no. You can have any amount of omega accounts on at the same time tho.

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How do you know if my alt is indeed my alt and not a terrible player who keeps undocking right in front of my blasters?


The eve playerbase are exceedingly good at taking any system and exploiting it.

And the server cannot tell the difference between an alt or another player. A lot of the time even humans can’t tell.

This is why bounties are the way they are.

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Yet, another power grab by the pew, pew crowd at the expense of people that prefer to not pvp.

Either you can generate content on your own or you cannot: apparently you are in the the, ‘you cannot’ category and want CCP to help you push F1.

So, NO.

p.s. To the mouth-breathers that are just about to type that EVE is a game based on non-consensual pvp, yes we are all aware, now go back to drooling in the corner where you came from.

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