Champions of Lowsec! Congratulations SNUFFED OUT!

The results are in! Congratulations to Snuffed Out on taking out Champions of Lowsec. After having to share the crown back in 2013 this will no doubt be a sweet victory. A dev blog with more fun details will follow next week!

As outlined in the original contest dev blog, the winning alliance will receive:

  • Their flag displayed proudly for a month at our new CCP HQ which we will be moving into once IRL circumstances permit.
  • An in-game billboard advertisement celebrating their supremacy which will will be displayed throughout New Eden for one month.
  • Medals from Mordu’s Legion added to the character sheet of all winning alliance members who appeared on a killmail in lowsec during the contest period.

Redemption of these prizes will begin as soon as possible.

We also applaud the efforts of Pen Is Out who came in second and Test Alliance Please Ignore who ran third. Thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully you all enjoyed the carnage!

As always EVE players find creative solutions to challenges and this contest was no exception. No victory comes without sacrifice!

Please use this thread to discuss, flex, smack talk and whatever else you feel is appropriate regarding the Champions of Lowsec event announced in this dev blog.

Keep it reasonably clean, though!


So would this be a good time to run some level 5 missions in Amamake?


I would like to nominate the Alliance named Sinful Syndicate for their skill in smart bombing lowsec gates.


18 hours of responses, nice :]

I wonder what 18 hours of responses from announcing the Alliance Tournament would look like.

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What’s to discuss, it is another Merry Go Round event that treats the sandbox like it is nothing more than a collection of rides.

It is a bad sign for the game that the developers think this and the 10k per kill is cool PvP.


Aw, c’mon. This is better than the 10k skilling spree.


And I think that it’s a good sign that they’re trying. Moreover, I’m willing to bet that this will not be the last of their attempts to drive conflict in Eve (after all, conflict drivers were one of the biggest topics covered at the last CSM summit according to those that were there). Of course, some of their attempts will likely fall short of expectations, but I’m hoping that they will come up with things that do give us plenty of reason to fight.

Also, this is definitely better than the current killing spree. The current event can be easily cheesed (I know, because I’ve been cheesing it), while the next event can’t.

Anyway, judging by the response so far, it’s possible that they needed to provide some better rewards -especially considering how much of the playerbase is apparently a bunch of pussy willows that need to be prodded into fighting.


It’s not.

How can I say this.

Rather than add sand to the sandbox, or fix the seats in the corner, they are making sand castles for us to play with.

It’s completely wrong minded.

We are supposed to make our own sand castles.


I disagree. Keeping with your analogy, I look at less like them building a sand castle, and more like them throwing some loose change in the sand and telling us to go fight over it.

I mean, it might not be the best way to be going about things, but I hardly consider it to be detrimental to the sandbox.


O, its easy to drive conflict all they have to do is let Citadels act as stations without tether or weapons and as soon as they come out of a timer and are about to be bashed then the tethers and weapons come online.

Or if you know all of a sudden Jovian space opened up with new resources and tech available only there, but as a catch no one could get caps in or build any structures. It would be pure carnage, everyone would fight for control of the entrances to the region.

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Then blow-up the blue-donut. Hello ELEPHANT meet ROOM




Here’s an idea. How about, instead of creating yet another contrived event to try to force #content, saturating the game with giveaways and promos, you actually fix the broken game mechanics that make pvp suck in the first place?

Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Make this a hard rule: 2x the effectiveness costs 10x as much. Implement real diminishing returns.
  2. Excavators make as much as they used to, maybe even a lot more, but use fighter controls and have to be micro-managed with skill to reach that level.
  3. Create actual counterplay to blops drops. Right now, the only real counterplay is “have more blops”. Deterrents are not combat; they deter combat. Make the combat meaningful, and give people tools to counter it.
  4. Any hull class is effective against its own size, plus one up or down, but no more. A Dread can hit carriers or supes decently, but can’t do squat against subs or titans. Same for every size.
  5. No system may be designated an alliance capital unless the alliance controls the entire constellation, all TCUs and iHubs. Make constellations geographically meaningful again, and stop alliances from rolling 2-man alt alliances to abuse the capital bonus.
  6. And if you really want to go hard: the ADM has the inverse effect on a system’s economic output. That is, a system at ADM 6 makes far less than a system at ADM 0. You want to get dank ticks in your super, you’re going to have to be ratting far outside your umbrella, or from any response.
  7. I’m going to assume that the “dynamic distribution of minerals” you announced will do something like 6. for minerals. Sure hope so. Again: diminishing returns.

PvP in EVE was great when it was meaningful. When we had reasons, or even needs, for fighting. Implementing changes that let the biggest powers entrench and build insurmountable advantages over everybody else kills meaningful pvp, driving consolidation and stagnating the game. No amount of forced “events” is going to fix that. If you want real, interesting and meaningful pvp, you’re going to have to implement changes that will necessarily break up those power blocs, not as a goal but as an inevitable side-effect.

Hat tip to Twilight Winter for some of these ideas.


You did read the title and know this is about LOW SEC?


yes. And yet PL, a nullsec alliance, has staged to Amanake, and is going around telling lowsec groups to stay out of their way, so they can claim the prize for themselves. That sounds an awful lot like active combat, especially by smaller groups, getting suppressed.

My point is that this event, lowsec or not, is an attempt by CCP to entice people into pvp just like the SP giveaways, the needlejack filaments, like blackout, etc. And that none of those measures were effective, and nor will this one be, at incentivizing pvp, because the reason people aren’t out getting more pvp is the broken game mechanics that CCP won’t fix.

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Your surprised?

The minute I read the title I knew they had no way to identify who is a “low sec corp”.

This was always just a giveaway to the null blocs.

Of course the solution is well known, remove caps from low sec.


nah, that’s not the problem. Cap/supercap blobs are just as oppressive in nullsec. And PL (or Legacy, or goons) can easily crush any of the lowsec groups out there entirely in subs.

Forcing arbitrary rules onto different parts of New Eden won’t fix the root problem, that the only real viable way to exist in the game past a certain point is as part of a massive nullsec power-bloc, because that’s the inevitable outcome of the game mechanics as they currently exist. To change them, you’d have different mechanics that necessarily make those kinds of power-blocs no longer viable, or effective.

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It depends on your goals. Null sec blocs don’t have much to offer.

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How to become champion:

Spam 500+ abandoned drones around a gate, camp the gate nonstop, a highly endorsed playstyle by CCP which is also greatly rewarded catching everything that isnt instawarp.

There you go, top of the leaderboard, undisputed lowsec kings.


Make mining lasers cause module damage.

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