SNUFFED OUT disbanding

Since a lot of you who use the forums don’t read Reddit and don’t know whats going on outside of highsec here is a post about Snuffed Out disbanding

This is continuing the troubling trend of hardcore PVPers quitting the game or playing at a much lesser level than before, this has been happening since the game first started but it seems to me that the trend has accelerated in the past year with well respected groups such as Skill Urself and Snuffed Out disbanding, and previously well respected groups such as Shadow Cartel and Pandemic Legion also either going AFK or practically disbanding, these are but a few examples. In my own group in Thera I can see PVPers going afk aswell, it is happening throughout the game the PVPers are leaving.

Hopefully CCP takes this as a wakeup call, appeasing the CSM and null-mega-blocs (which are one in the same practically) is not in the interest of the health of the game, when hardcore PVPs are quitting or going afk in droves there is clearly a problem, the krabification of Eve, and CCP seems content to allow this to continue, any attempts at alleviating the problem are either backtracked on (blackout) or never attempted in the first place (removing keepstar super docking access, skill injector nerfs, sov overhauls, significant citadel spam nerfs).

I’m posting here on the forums in hope that maybe someone at CCP reads and takes these facts to heart because I don’t think that they grasp the situation, they see player numbers increasing as more ishtar bots and rorqual alts are made and think that it means the game is in a healthy state; but when your most dedicated players are leaving enmass, something is not right.

Remember eve is a game about player interactions, the most significant form of player interaction is PVP


Bye bye o/

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Good riddance.

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I remember getting killed by these guys a long time back. Sorry to hear they’re leaving.

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Who’s to say that the krabification of EVE is bad?
If hardcore PvPers are leaving, looks like they couldn’t live up to the thing they told everyone else, “Adapt or Die”. Looks like they chose to die.

The game can still be “healthy” even if it’s basically nothing but krabs.


Quoted for truth. No need to look for heroes, where is none.

Genuinely sorry to hear this.

Sorry to see Snuffed Out are disbanding. Seen them around for as long as i can remember in one form or another. I guess RL catches up with everyone eventually. I know i dont pvp as much as used to in the early years due to family commitments and getting older etc. I will still dabble with eve when i can though.

Looks like a lot of pvpers from these larger disbanding groups will now have to spread out into smaller more competitive groups where the pvp is going to be much more challenging for them in a way where you have more leveled opponents willing to fight one another instead of the “join, run or die” motto of yesterdays concentrated pvp groups.

I am sure there will be an endless spin about this from a lot of players being the end of the world in eve online but I am more optimistic than most I guess.

Gotta stay positive, one persons excuse to leave a game is another players opportunity to move up in ways they had no room for improving before. Assuming this is all based on players leaving that corp.

Sorry to hear another mega corp bite the dust though.

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The PvP crowd tends to live in a rather self-centric little bubble, but here’s a news flash for ya:

Look at the player numbers. All types of players are bailing on EVE. CCP has set up semi-free play, institutionalized botting, transferred tens of thousands of Chinese server players here and is still bleeding players.

Pro tip: if you make a game based on long, slow, boring gameplay, boring PvE, one-sided ‘ganksta’ style PvP and tons of bottable/AFKable mechanics, people are gonna bail on it eventually. It’s surprising it took this long, actually. I suspect that EVE’s strong economic/trading systems have propped the game up much longer than the mostly lame and one-sided PvP ‘interactions’.

Second pro tip: The CSM and null blocs don’t ‘design’ or control anything. CCP makes their own decisions, happily ignoring tons of player and CSM advice in the process. CCP clearly focused on “who pays us the most subscription fees, and how can we encourage everybody else to move where those guys are so they all pay us more fees?”

CCP simply has no clue about long-term game design and it’s effect on the player base. They didn’t realize they were shooting themselves in the foot and painting the game into a corner when they chased the maximum-subscription-fee player. They sacrificed the rest of the game to chase that, and that’s led directly to where we are today.


So is Eve Dying??? :slightly_frowning_face:

What are you krabing for if the rest of the game is dead? Because it is relaxing?


One problem with Hard Core… is Burnout.

Enjoy the break.
Come back refreshed.

–Gadget will see y’all again soon enough


No one will miss…the less PVP in this game the better…

And yes this is serious,all who know me know that this is my opinion…

Some bread to the whine maybe?

Now you can continue to look in your crystal ball and armageddon talk the end of eve because there is less pvp aka “the only way to play eve the right way” but this end will never come because REASONABLE people(YES the WOW style people you so badly hate) will enter the game…

See you…the reasonable people will not miss your certainity talks nor your ganking or gatecamping…we now can play in peace as it should be…


By the way…hopefully not the last “we know the only way how to play the game right” ally that disbands…


Much more to come…

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Like a fart in the wind.

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What’s outside of highsec??


Only blue bubbles…

Sounds weird. I never studied astrophysics though. So like, in the blue bubbles, do the people there also purchase mining permits?


So desperate to make everybody see your strange CODE? :slight_smile:

You are already close to disbanding and desperately try to look powerful?..

You will not be missed also :slight_smile:

Why would we disband?? We own highsec, we have no reason to disband.