Condensed Jump Clones window in the Station Services sidebar

It would be a nice feature to have a condensed version of the Jump Clones window within the Station Services sidebar. I use the jump clone function quite a bit and I also use the Hanger window in the sidebar and having them both in close proximity would be great for quick deployments. I find it a bit tedious to jump clones right now because on each character you have to open up the Character Sheet, select Character main tab, Augmentations sub tab (to see what jump clone you are in if that’s what you want), then Jump Clones sub tab, scroll to the clone you want, then jump.

I suggest at the top of this new Jump Clone window in the Structure Service sidebar there would be the current pod you are in, then below that a highlighted list of pods available in current station, and below that a list of pods you can jump to, much like how the Jump Clone window currently is. To reduce space from the Jump Clone window I would remove the large icon, remove the implant icons, and the station name since the clones should be grouped by station name already with a header in their respective lists. So all I would see for the clone list item would be the clone’s name, a small button or tool-tip to expand to show the implants in the clone, and a jump button. If you want to keep all Jump, Rename, and Destroy as well perhaps icons would work better for the space however I feel managing the clones can be kept to the character sheet.

The Hanger window can be enabled in the Structure Services settings so maybe this new Jump Clone window could be too or would only be active in stations with a jump clone bay. A second suggestion would be allowing users to hide the Agents and Offices tabs as well since I honestly almost never use those.

Thank you for your time and enjoy my paint skills.

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