CONIN - Coming out of retirement

Recruitment still open, looking for uktz small gang fc along with all other member professions. Contact Lazlow KLang or join CONIN Lounge for details

My Lopez is back, evil things coming

Still looking for loving, contact me on Discord

Pvp looking to resume shortly and with some interesting and exciting near future opportunities, still recruiting players of all professions to come be part of this family. Hit me or Lazlow Klang up directly or visit the lounge to inquire about joining up. Old and new friends alike are welcome!

An old vid from a recently resurrected original member Lopez, aaaaahhh nostalgia

Pvp with martinis and the sounds of smooth jazz


Still recruiting, get in touch with me to discuss.

Well that’s a Corp name I’ve not seen for a while… welcome back :slight_smile:

Lots of old warhorses coming back to game, going to get interesting here soon I think…

Still recruiting experienced and newer players alike for all Eve trades from pvp to mining, drop by CONIN Lounge and have a chat with us and see if you would be a good fit for our eve family.

Had a short pause on recruitment and now cranking it up again, looking for pilots who want to do it all! Black ops pilots will be given special consideration. We are beginning pvp ops and taking all fights we can find, here to have fun and not stat whore or worry about dying? Join up now and enjoy all Eve has to offer in a resurgent corporation that is coming back strong!

Excellent since i’ve joined. Get in touch to jump on the bandwagon!

Holy balls, welcome back to a legendary corp

o/ aleks, good to see you!!

Recruitment still open, join CONIN Lounge and ask for a recruiter or follow the link to discord and chat with us there!

Recruitment still open in all time zones.

We have instigated a policy of stopwatch ops for people who want to go out and roam, find a fight or not we pre plan op times to start and end on schedule so you can play without being stranded or without having to constantly delay your significant others evil looks as they eyeball you waiting for you to log off your game!

All the fun with half the divorce rate!

Come join up today!

I’ve been told I only post during the bleak hours, hi UKTZ!

Still recruiting

Contact me in game later or hop on discord now to discuss

Recruitment is still open for active omega pilots over 5m sp

Join ingame channel CONIN Lounge and chat with us there or follow the link in that channel to find us any time on our public discord

I’m online most of today to discuss recruitment. Shoot me a message and see if we can offer what you’re looking for.