Connection issues

any news yet on the connection issues for east coast usa? kinda dragging on it seems.

Oh look, ANOTHER thread about the connectivity issues, despite the entire forums being filled with it.

Yes, your comment was SO special enough that it warranted a completely new thread about it.


or maybe CCP could communicate some meaningful information … maybe thats why the forum is full of questions and little answers.

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You must have no connection issues

Common sense can work wonders as well.

They want the servers working 100% just like everyone else, so they don’t lose money. So…they are working on it.

If you try and log in and in lags or you can’t connect…obviously there are still connection issues.

So asking if there are connection issues and if it’s being worked on is a rather redundant question, no response from CCP is required to figure that out. I really don’t understand people wanting an update from them. It’ll be fixed when it’s fixed.

The status update would be “still broken, still working on it, no ETA”…

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Please see this thread for up to date information regarding TQ connectivity.