Constant bulk data 0-191 download on each character login

As the topic title states every single time (for atleast a week now if I can remember correctly) whenever I login to the test server on any of my toons on this account I must download 0-191 bulk data sets. I log off on one toon, login to another and have to download those same data sets again, and again and again, and again every time.

Is this normal or do I need to download the entire game?

This does not happen on TQ, only Singularity.

I am new to Sisi so please be kind!

Thank you, Leiron

This is a known issue on Singularity, which is sometimes triggered, when the client is being switched between code branches. In this case the cache is being partially corrupted, which triggers the downloads.
Quick workaround: Clear you client cache (ESC - Reset Settings - Clear All Cache Files).

Will clearing the cache file have any effect on in game setting profiles such as graphics/overview settings/in game window sizes etc etc etc?

Thanks :wink:

No, “Clear All Cache Files” will not reset any settings - but “Clear All Settings” does, which is not required here.

Cheers and thanks - This resolved the issue, and also sped up my client considerably!

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