Construction Component Blue Prints Question / What ME?

Is it worth it to get these to ME 10 or am I better off just starting production at ME 8? Not sure if there is a sweet spot or not. Thank you in advance.

You are going to need to do your own math. Every case is different.

:red_circle: What construction components? T2? ME10/TE20. Capital? ME8 and slowly work towards ME10 as it takes time.

Structure construction components in particular.

:red_circle: ME7-9/TE14-18. The research on those does not take too much time for ME7-8. ME10 takes too much time for very small gains, even ME9 is a ridiculously long 100+ days in a structure.

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Take a look what it does to your profitability.

And see how much it costs to do the research in time and isk.

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