Controversial winner of poetry competition sells holo-entertainment adaptation rights to Caldari megacorp

Strange news reaches Gutter Press from Edmalbrurdus, where a local poet whose recent success at a planet-wide poetry competition was riddled with controversy, now reports having sold the holo-entertainment rights to the poem to Nugoeihuvi Corporation, the Caldari megacorp !

Poetry !

Arnhulf Ansson, a poet from Edmalbrurdus VI, won the Edmalbrurdus Trad Poetry Competition organised by the local Brutor Tribe Culture Circle, with his short poem “There Was A Village”, which Ansson describes as “detailing the lost way of life of the Minmatar people prior to the Day of Darkness”.

Criticism !

Many critics derided Ansson’s poem, with the leading critic being Sebiestor Spoken Word Circle member Æsa Byrnjolfsen, who said “Arnhulf’s poem is literally just four words ! I mean, sure he stands up on the stage and looks appropriately mournful when he gets to the end of the sentence, but really !”
“Technically, there’s only three words and an indefinite article”, said Asta Æinridisen, another Spoken Word Circle member.
Popular reception was also divided.
“I heard it when I was three sheets to the wind on shrooms. Was so moving”, said Cnut Ballisson, a mycologist from a protein farm collective on Edmalbrurdus IV.
“It’s better enjoyed when you’re full of tradherbs instead of shrooms”, said Ballis Cnutsson, an agronomist from a different protein farm collective on Edmalbrurdus IV.
“It’s… well, it’s a bit on the short side to put to music for a performance”, said Gjaflaug Northridottir, an exotic dancer from Edmalbrurdus V.
“I remember some poet guy wrote this poem that took 5 actual days to recite. Half the audience passed out before the end, so I appreciate his brevity”, said Yngvild Tyrfingdottir, an exotic dancer from Edmalbrurdus VI.

Commercialisation !

Despite the controversy, Arnhulf Ansson managed to contact Nugoeihuvi, and rather surprisingly, managed to sell the rights to adapt the poem, for a large sum of Uranium-backed Quantums, enough that his home clan on Edmalbrurdus VI is now in the top 10 richest Brutor clans in Edmalbrurdus.
Ansson told Gutter Press that Nugoeihuvi was “oddly enthusiastic” about acquiring the rights, and that they apparently intend to make a 40 hour long miniseries, though with some undisclosed “changes to the setting to appeal to a Caldari audience”.

Prosperity !

Ansson told Gutter Press that “There Was A Village” took 2 years to write, and that he hopes to continue his profitable poetry career, to benefit his clan, tribe, planet, and the Republic even more in future.

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If he strikes rich by selling his works to the NOH, good for him. I’m not sure how this is news though.

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That last bit is their signature really. A unique take on takes, for sure.

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