Convocation of Empyreans - Unlock your Immortality

“The capsuleers are the empyreans of our age; they are the shepherds to the stars; and these times will undoubtedly be recorded as being among the most pivotal in the history of man.”

– Keitan Yun, Minmatar ambassador to the CONCORD assembly, The Empyrean Age

Are you:

  • New to EVE and looking for real mentorship from players interested in what YOU want to do?
  • Interested in EVE but don’t even know where to begin?
  • Disillusioned by Nullsec and want to find your own path?
  • Tired of everyone else but you having fun in EVE?

The Convocation of Empyreans is a unique organization in EVE Online dedicated to maximizing YOUR engagement with the game. Founded by a collection of players with over a decade of experience each, the Convocation can give you the answers, tools, and teamwork you need to get the most out of your immortality in New Eden

The Convocation membership participates in activities across New Eden with the understanding that if everyone does the parts they want and not the jobs they don’t, together we can become stronger. Activities of the Convocation include:

  • Abyss
  • High-Security Pirate Strongholds
  • Mission Running
  • Mining
  • Abandoned Structure Demolition
  • Events
  • Gallente Faction Warfare
  • Incursions

and more…

As a member of the Convocation you will enjoy all of the services and tools the Convocation has developed for you to get the most out of your time and activates. These include:

  • Hauling to and from market hubs and our headquarters in Pemene and Fliet
  • Buyback and Mineral purchase programs
  • A well-developed Discord community that you customize to your activities

Membership expectations are minimal. We ask members of the Convocation to adhere to a simple “Don’t be a dick” rule with their Convocation characters. This mostly amounts to a pledge to not suicide gank or disrupt others’ missions with Convocation characters. This does not impact our operations outside of High-Security space.

Beyond this, the only expectation is that members do step up when they can and help out as they can. Together we are strong, together we are Empyreans.

To join please check out our Discord and sign up on our website.