Join The Table for Epic PvE Adventures!

Calling all Capsuleers! Dive into thrilling PvE missions with The Table. Under the leadership of The Elder, we’re mastering New Eden’s challenges.

What’s in Store:
- Exciting PvE missions: Combat sites, exploration, and more.
- Team up for epic raids and lucrative expeditions.
- Grow your skills in a supportive, strategy-focused community.

Adventurous capsuleers ready for PvE action.
Team players eager to explore and conquer.
Join us for unforgettable PvE experiencesy!

Contact: The Elder

Join The Table: Shape New Eden’s Economy

Capsuleers, join The Table for a journey of economic innovation and strategic growth. Under The Elder, Tuwailib Saiful Haqq, we’re forging a path in trade and industry.

What We Offer:

A united community with shared economic goals.
Key roles in industry, trade, and resource management.
Real impact in New Eden’s economy.
We Seek:

Capsuleers passionate about trade and industry.
Team players eager to drive economic reform.
Be part of an economic revolution! Join us and leave your mark on the universe.

Contact: The Elder

Join The High Table’s Recruitment Program!

Earn Up To 5B ISK Inviting 1000+ Active Recruit!s

We’re seeking dedicated capsuleers to expand our ranks. For each active recruit you bring who stays with us for 2 weeks, you can earn up to 5 BIL ISK. Be part of building a trusted network in New Eden.

Why Join Us?

Strategic operations & economic reform.
Diverse roles: Combat, Industry, Exploration.
Community of honor, strategy, and unity.

Program Rules:
No alts. Real recruits only.
Active participation of recruits is checked.

Help us grow and prosper!

Contact: The Elder

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