Join Valgrind Vanguard - Enjoy freedom, friendship and riches!

:rocket: Valgrind Vanguard: Reach Valhalla with Us! :rocket:

Are you ready to embark on epic adventures in New Eden? Look no further! Valgrind Vanguard is recruiting pilots who crave action, camaraderie, and ISK-making opportunities.

We value friendship, we are not a massive corp, but we are part of a massive alliance. Our corp is small, intimate, fun and caring. We will help you on your journey through New Eden and get blown up next to you. :wink:

We really want chill, fun and friendly players to join us.

Requirement to join: You need to do some alliance fleets per month. Be active and participate. Full Auth required.

Here’s why you should join our ranks:

  1. Stable PvP and PvE Environment: We thrive in beautiful 0.0 space, perfect for both ratting and pew-pew sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned capsuleer or a fresh recruit, we’ve got your back.
  2. Friendly Community: Our corp is more than just a group of pilots; we’re a family. Ask questions, share memes, and enjoy casual fleets with fellow Valgrinders. We have even had meet-ups on Iceland and are likely to meet again in person in the future!
  3. Rich Resources: Explore moresystems than you could ever need, mine, rat, and escalate for those sweet ISK injections. Our home pocket is a treasure trove waiting to be plundered!
  4. Alliance Fun: As part of the Goonswarm Federation, we fk stuff up.

:fire: Join Valgrind Vanguard today! :fire:

Jump into our Public chat: Valgrind Vanguard, or reach out to Sassari via EvEmail.

Don’t spin in station—fly fun and let’s conquer New Eden together! o7

Would very much appreciate a logi pilot. We also welcome newer players. :slight_smile: Join up!

We are open for recruitment. Join us in exploring the new expansion! :slight_smile:

You can make some ISK PvPing with us, every month we have ISK competitions for active fleet participants. Last month we paid out 500mil to the winner (Most fleets in a month). Will you get the next 500mil? :smiley:


Corp hoodies and T-shirts look amazing.
This is how cool we are, you could be too.

These are sometimes given (Free!) to loyal and engaging members.