Valgrind Vanguard [VLGRD] - PvP/PvE, ISK Printing 0.0 corp. EU/US TZ. Memes inside!

Valgrind Vanguard is recruiting!

Hi and thank you for checking out our corp.

We’re a fun and stable PvP corp with absolutely beautiful 0.0 space for all ISK making needs.

If you haven’t lived in 0.0 before, that’s not a problem and we have the perfect setup for you! :sunglasses:
Most active during EU/US timezone.

We’re a bunch of friendly and helpful pilots in the corp with lots of experience and you do not need to be shy with asking questions. Fleets are kept fun and casual, we like to have a laugh.

We started this corp with the idea that people should feel happy and comfortable, have a place to call home, have input in what direction the corp is taken and to have fun pilots to fly with because this game is great on your own, but amazing with others.

We’re looking for:

  • Fun, friendly and respectful pilots.
  • PvP pilots
  • Miners/industrialists
  • Ratters
  • Active pilots, we want people who play a fair bit, since we do as well.
  • People that have a teamwork type of mindset. Together we’re stronger.

We offer:

  • Incredible home pocket to make ISK in.
  • Friendly and accepting corp.
  • Many years of game knowledge and the willingness to share and answer your questions.
  • Casual smallgang roams, ESS gangs, Alliance fleets, all your PvP needs
  • Blackops warfare
  • Space that is very rich in resources
  • Easy ratting and escalations for big isk injections
  • Lovely space for exploration
  • Access to more than 30 systems for ratting, exploring, mining, etc.
  • Super cool corpies that will chill on discord with you
  • Possibility to wormhole

Activity, we are online quite a bit and would like the same from you. We do understand that real life or other things get in the way so there is never a need to stress about that. :slight_smile:

We are part of the WE FORM BL0B alliance. As we are now under attack by pandas, we are having lots of fun keeping our space clean from trash, and getting them juicy kills. If you enjoy your pew pew, now is a fantastic time to join us. :smiley:
The alliance requires a very easy to attain fleet attendance of 3 fleets per month. You will have a hard time finding a less demanding corp than ours, we want you to have freedom to enjoy the game.

Returning players are very welcome, we know it can feel a bit daunting when you return, let us help you ease back into it.

Also we have memes:


If you have any questions or want to have a chat/interested in joining, then please jump into our Public chat: Valgrind Vanguard or reach our to Sassari via EvEmail

You won’t reach Valhalla spinning in station! Join us!

Fly safe! o7

Recruitment is open!

Looking for all sorts of pilots. Join up! :slight_smile:

Bumpetybump join our corp!

Recruitment still open

Growing, join us before we close the doors for a while! :slight_smile:

Let’s do some pew pew!

You’ve probably heard by now about the “War up north”. We’re kicking FRT over and over again. It’s great pvp content, and we’re still printing isk. Join Valgrind Vanguard for the best opportunities in Eve.

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I left this corp and i miss it so im coming back. Good people, good memes, good laughs.
They got a nice little slice of 0.0 thats great for making isk.

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At least we know how to play EVE! Join us!


In other news, I have a dog that somehow fits in the window, behold:

She’s looking at you judgementally because you’re not in corp.

Looking for some active pilots to join us! :slight_smile:

Looking for more cool people to fly with. :slight_smile: We want active players with a relaxed attitude and who play to have fun.

Maybe you’re one of them carebears that want to break out into 0.0 and get some PvPing experience? Or you may be a veteran who has forgotten more battles than he remembers, regardless, you’re welcome here. :smiley:

We value the friendly atmosphere we’ve built up, come be a part of it!

Valgrind Vanguard is a chill place to make isk, or to shoot other nerds. Opportunities abound, and you can choose your own path with plenty of experienced players to help you along the way. Join us! Have some fun!

Recruiting is open again! :slight_smile:

Currently seeking:

PvPers! New, old, overconfident, you’re all welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Emphasis on being a chill person, we have a nice bunch of people and want to cultivate our friendly atmosphere in the corp. :smiley:

Recruitment is up! Growing steadily, join before we close the doors again for a while. :smiley:

Hello Sassari,
Im a returning player and been gone for 10 years. I been back in game a few days and omg I have forgotten so damn much.
If you guys want a 47m sp noob and are willing to help me re-learn this game, I would be interested in joining you all.

Greetings and welcome back to the game! Yes absolutely, let’s have a chat. :slight_smile: Feel free to PM me in game or to join our public chat: Valgrind Vanguard