Valgrind Vanguard [VLGRD] - PvP/PvE, ISK Printing 0.0 corp. EU/US TZ. Memes inside!

Want to buff your killboard? Put 3-4 bill kills there? Kill panda fRats? How about experiencing life in null security for the first time? Put billions into your wallet each month? Join us and have the time of your life in Eve!

Time to stop hanging out in hisec, join us!


This is from today:

from Imgflip Meme Generator

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We have new players joining us and making nice bank already (see post above)

A very friendly corp with chill people. Join us for some fun! :slight_smile:

The grind never stops

Recruitment still open. Come join the fun! :slight_smile:

No meme today, just corps most valuable kills last 7 days. :slight_smile: Why are you not getting in on this action?
Looking for friendly players!

We have tons of fun! Now we also have a Faction Warfare branch if you want quick smallgang stuff. :smiley:

Join us for some fun! We will open up for a few more members. Come get rich in beautiful 0.0 space. Come PvP and send people to Valhalla! JOIN!

PEW PEW PEW! Join up!

Looking for chill people to join us, we put a lot of weight on being a nice person and being helpful. Also we have beautiful space for ISK printing! :call_me_hand: Join!


Looking for a few more friendly players to join us! :slight_smile:


Are you a chill player looking for a relaxed and friendly home in space? Come join us!

Looking for some friendly people to join us.

Corp is pumping out ships and we’re starting with more and more handout roams. Last time we went out in Loki’s. :smiley:
Join the fun!

Join our public chat for questions: Valgrind Vanguard

We’re still recruiting, get in before we close the doors! :slight_smile:

Would welcome some newer players that are interested in learning the game and 0.0 life. :call_me_hand: Call me

Join up, have some fun, reach Valhalla together, what’s not to like.