Valgrind Vanguard - Reach Valhalla with us! Freshly baked memes inside!

Valgrind Vanguard is recruiting!

Whilst we are a freshly made corp, it’s made by a group of fun and sensible (for the most part) pilots that wanted to focus on building something great.

We are a 0.0 corp based in Delve with plenty of systems to Rat, Explore and PvP in.
We’re in a friendly alliance that enjoys pvp and teamwork so there’s plenty of fleets and action to be had as we are part of the ongoing war against Goons.

We rat a whole lot too and are happy to get you settled in and ready to rat to fatten your wallet, the ratting out here is great when it’s quiet, although sometimes it is a bit active as we live in Delve which is a bit of a warzone at the moment.
Nevertheless, we make big ISK out here despite the occasional interruption.

If you haven’t lived in 0.0 before, that’s not a problem. We’re a bunch of friendly and helpful pilots in the corp with lots of experience and you do not need to be shy with asking questions. We’ll be there and even take you out for your first ratting sites, teach you how to pvp in small gang fleets or big gang fleets.

Mining? Yep we do that too. We on occasion mine moons mostly to support our industry. There is Mercoxit and other ores ready for you to grab it.

We started this corp with the idea that people should feel happy and comfortable, to have fun pilots to fly with because this game is great on your own, but amazing with others.

As we are part of the ongoing big war there is a requirement for you to SEAT your characters.

We’re looking for:
Fun, friendly and respectful pilots.

Newbro’s with a minimum of 5m SP, this is so life out here is not too rough on you.
Activity, we are online quite a bit and would like the same from you. We do understand that real life or other things get in the way so never stress about that. :slight_smile:

We don’t demand you to have a certain amount of activity although we encourage it.

PvP pilots (or willing to learn)
Returning players are very welcome, we know it can feel a bit daunting when you return, let us help you ease into it.

Also we have memes:


If you have any questions or want to have a chat/interested in joining, then please jump into our Public chat: Valgrind Vanguard alternatively you can contact Sassari directly in game for an interview.

You won’t reach Valhalla spinning in station, join us instead towards glory and riches!

Fly safe! o7


Looking for more pilots wanting that sweet 0.0 experience. :smiley:
Get that ISK
Pewpew them ships
Laugh with us on Disc

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You say you are stationed in Delve. There exist only two possibilities. Either you are aligned with blue doughnut, or you are with goons. You do not mention this important information at all.

If you are with blue doughnut, the way I observe the situation on Twitch stream ( I alone am hisec trash panda and carebear), the Test groups in Delve and surrounding, ( I believe Brave moved somewhere near by), will be evicted soon.

So, are you aligned with test or the goons?

Hi Yuuki! Thanks for that, I should definitely have added that we’re part of the blue donut. We get some fun fights VS the goons. :smiley:
Not sure what you’ve seen on Twitch but I feel very comfortable out here at least. :money_mouth_face:

It’s a hot warzone right now so of course you get interrupted every now and then, but I feel good living out here. Nice BRM% on ratting and if you get bored there’s PvP around the corner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, thank you for your reply.

On Twitch seems that all offensive activity has stopped, on the Test side, and there are streams of goons fleets doing entosis and bashing structures.

I am not on the frontline, so I do not know for sure, but from the war broadcast it seems at least as stalemate.

Since Ron USMC does not broadcast Eve online, but New World these days, the Tapi propaganda machine is falling apart :smiley:

Wish you good luck.

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Daily bump, come and join the fun! :heart_eyes:

Still recruiting.
Any newbros out there? (Min 5m sp)
Returning player?
Stuck in an inactive corp?

Join us! :smiley:

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FC thanks
We all make mistakes. :stuck_out_tongue: Joining up with Valgrind Vanguard is not one of them.
Join us and let’s reach Valhalla together!