Valgrind Vanguard - Reach Valhalla with us! Freshly baked memes inside!

Could use some miners out here to be honest. We have a fully upgraded system for mining that’s not being used, I would love to fill it with happy miners. <3
We also have access to plenty of systems for mining icebelts etc. Looking for dramafree people that want a place to call home and a corp to teamwork with!

Ratters, PvPers and wormholers also welcome, we have a great C4 and a nice quiet C3 if you’re into the more paranoid side of EvE. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still recruiting! Send me an EvEmail or open a convo! :smiley:

Fresh custom memes, friendly people, ISK to be made and people to pew pew.
Send an Evemail to Sassari and join up! :smiley:

Stop wasting your time and join us!