Valgrind Vanguard - Reach Valhalla with us! Freshly baked memes inside!

Could use some miners out here to be honest. We have a fully upgraded system for mining that’s not being used, I would love to fill it with happy miners. <3
We also have access to plenty of systems for mining icebelts etc. Looking for dramafree people that want a place to call home and a corp to teamwork with!

Ratters, PvPers and wormholers also welcome, we have a great C4 and a nice quiet C3 if you’re into the more paranoid side of EvE. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still recruiting! Send me an EvEmail or open a convo! :smiley:

Fresh custom memes, friendly people, ISK to be made and people to pew pew.
Send an Evemail to Sassari and join up! :smiley:

Stop wasting your time and join us!

It’s refreshing to see a non-boring recruitment thread :slight_smile:


Thank you kindly, thought this mostly went unnoticed. :smiley:

Still recruiting! We want active people, PvPers and ratters, whatever you’re into we probably got it. Plenty of action and ISK to be had out here.


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Fun diverse set of pilots! Plenty of opportunity in quiet space, but close enough to action if you’re itching for “content”


Recruitment is now open again! :smiley: Come join us for some serious ISK making and fun times.

I joined the corp for the memes.

Not only are there some good memes but theres also some god awful memes that will make you want to go get a life! (in a good way)

Corp Covers US/EU TimesZones nicely with how active everyone is.

There is no drama in this corp and its great. Everyone gets along.

We do small roams all the time, The alliance is always shooting at stuff to.

We make some good F’ing isk, We got a ton of different way of doing it. From mugging people in the streets of Jita to mining ore from a helpless asteroid that wants to live. We do it all!

Real life comes first, Thats just how things are. We all love to see each other but we understand and the loss of profit will be deducted from your pay. (that last parts a joke calm down there bud)

We talk alot on discord, i consider this corp my family. i would only shoot at a few of them but mainly just for the memes.

Also if you join you get to meet me!! And if you dont i’ll still find you <3


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This is my Co-Pilot, she mostly gets in the way and demands snacks, but someone has to be in charge of that too I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Join us or the puppy will get sad. :smiley:

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Why join this corp, well i could go on a huge thingy about how we are better then other corps, but thats boring and i really dont feel like doing that.

We have memes and i already know your standards are low so come on around, sit down at the bar with us and grab a beer. Also dont plan on remembering anything tomorrow.


Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Join this great corp fuelled on friendship today! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had something funny i was gonna put here but i totally forget.

You should like, totally join the corp. That would be like, really cool man.

Why do i shitpost? Cuz its F’ing fun! >:3

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Did I mention that we even give away some ships to newbros etc to get them going and bump their ISK income? Why do we do this? We care about your progression and your game enjoyment. Come fly with us, you won’t regret it. :slight_smile:

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You know, my mama used to say that Love is like a fart… If you have to force it, then its probably shhhit.

I think the same way can apply to a corp. join a corp and give it a chance. After a few weeks if it feels like shhit then F’ing leave.

Come on around and give us a shot. You may or may not love it. but i know your not gonna hate it. I mean come on. We just some chill peeps trying to have some fun. And so fair i would say the fun has bin more then steady.

Fly safe or dont, as long as your having fun <3

We are growing steadily, still accepting some more recruits. If you’re a friendly player who likes chill people to fly and hang out with then this could be your home. :smiley:

Even Highsec is profitable and fun with Valgrind Vanguard! Completely blew past their gate camp because, I scout, and had the right tools. Billion isk delivery achieved, and no, it wasn’t in the shuttle.

Ok so you cant mine in your big fancy ships anymore, well i dont do that stuff so sucks to suck i guess.
Buuut if you do want to mine we got a shhit ton of belts full of money rocks to fill you pockets!

OOORR you could just come blow some poor saps face off with me! And trust me. We blow hard, like blow them up real hard ;D