Valgrind Vanguard - Reach Valhalla with us! Freshly baked memes inside!

More joining every day almost! Don’t miss out! :smiley:

We are here to have fun, if getting online with these guys and girls weren’t fun then i wouldn’t be in the corp lol, You like gate camping for hours on end? we got that, you like mining your little carebear heart out? we got that two, you like sitting in station and just telling cringe dad jokes on discord with the guys? Well holy F why are you still reading this? Join up today and get a free Exotic dancer of your choice!

We Gonna have fun and we dont care what poor sab has to lose a ship to make it happen, even if we end up being the poor sabs xD

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You know you should do it. Today is the day.


a nice and welcoming corp, joined a couple of days ago. Even got escorted to home system and a welcome gift aswell. i have finaly found my home! :smiley:

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I was at a bar in Jita and was asked if a rag smelled liked Chloroform. I then woke up in one of their stations. Any first experiences I unfortunately cant recall. They feed me though, so that’s nice.



Join us! :smiley:

Your current situation got you down? Looking for a fresh start over the holidays? Want to laugh more? Valgrind Vanguard.

Ok man how many adds have u looked at now? … Holy F’ing Scramming tackles! that many? why so? Ok bud maybe u should just pick one? like come on. This isnt porn hub u shouldnt be on one site for this long. You know how much isk you could of made by know?

Give up on the search, that craps kinda boring anyways. You found a corp, hop in the shaggen wagon and lets get down the road!

Send an ingame eve-mail to Sassari, also the discord link expired

We’re opening recruitment again for a few more! :slight_smile: Join while it’s still open!

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Join us! We’re growing and slowing down recruitment soon to better get to know our new members, get in on the fun!

Also looking for FC’s or aspiring FC’s. :smile:

Oil massages in the hangar, let’s go!

On a more serious note, we’re still looking for a few more! :slight_smile:

Recruitment open again!

Looking mainly for PvPers at the moment! :slight_smile:


I am so lucky and grateful I found these guys, they are my brothers and sisters. That game would certainly not be as funny and entertaining without them. Join us and let the isk printer go effing CRAZY!! Tons of knowledge, tons of fun and above all, drama-free environment :slight_smile:
And if you don’t join, come say hi in Deklein so we can please the gods with nice kill mails xD o7

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Recruitment is open!

This thread is becoming super long!
Currently accepting a few more members before closing up for a while.


Got two new recruits yesterday. A few more and we will close the doors for a while as we get to know our new members better. :smiley: Get in before it’s too late!

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Join us! Plenty of small gang roams to be had. Could use a few PvP happy pilots. :smiley: