Valgrind Vanguard [VLGRD] - PvP/PvE, ISK Printing 0.0 corp. EU/US TZ. Memes inside!

hey, been living in WH for about 8 months but the PVP has been rare. coming up to 6m SP so fairly new. Just want that PVP gains.
in game is ljheyden

:smirk: Oops.

Opening recruitment again! Happy to bring on a few newer players too! :slight_smile: Join our public chat in game: Valgrind Vanguard

You’ve heard about “The war up north”, and you want to be on the winning side. Come kill Pandas with us, and help us take their space. We’ve got a fun and inclusive culture, with lots of opportunities for all playstyles. Join us on our roams to Valhalla!

Recruitment once again open! Please join our public chat: Valgrind Vanguard
Or simply contact us ingame for a chat. :slight_smile: Join the family!

Recruitment is open again. We will accept a few members then close recruitment as per usual to get familliar with our new members. We take friendship and team building seriously and we dont just allow a flood of people, so get in whilst you can! :smiley:

As the post above says! Bump!

Hi, join our super cool corp! :slight_smile:

Join up, we are still open for some recruits. :slight_smile:

Join us! Chill group, make some isk and blow some stuff up!

We made history!! Come join our brothers and sisters for the next chapter of VV!!

Time to join up! :smiley: Could use some industry people too!

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not ready for nullsec! We’ve got experts in all areas of the game. We can help you have the Eve experience you’re looking for. Lot of fun and isk to be had!

Join us, have a great time, make some isk, blow up some spaceships!

When the enemy fleet says their logi cant keep up

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We are going to open our doors for some newer players, good chance to join and learn nullsec. :slight_smile:

We are out there roaming, stop spinning in station and join us. :smiley:

Recruitment reopened.
We only open our doors to new recruits for shorter periods as we believe in quality over quantity and to build trust and friendship, we feel that flooding the corp with new members makes it much more of an impersonal experience, here, you matter. Want in? Dont hesitate, contact us today.

Like a family! Several of us headed to Iceland to experience FanFest 2023 and meet each other in person, and had an amazing time! We love to roam in Kiki’s, Tengus and yes, sometimes even Drakes and Vexors. We live in beautiful quiet space with content right around the corner. Play the way you like, have fun, make isk. This is the way.

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