Valgrind Vanguard [VLGRD] - PvP/PvE, ISK Printing 0.0 corp. EU/US TZ. Memes inside!

hey, been living in WH for about 8 months but the PVP has been rare. coming up to 6m SP so fairly new. Just want that PVP gains.
in game is ljheyden

:smirk: Oops.

Opening recruitment again! Happy to bring on a few newer players too! :slight_smile: Join our public chat in game: Valgrind Vanguard

You’ve heard about “The war up north”, and you want to be on the winning side. Come kill Pandas with us, and help us take their space. We’ve got a fun and inclusive culture, with lots of opportunities for all playstyles. Join us on our roams to Valhalla!