Eternity INC

Have you ever thought “Man, it shouldn’t be this hard to make ISK and have fun!”?
Have you ever struggled to PLEX your account or buy that next shiny ship?
Have you ever wondered where you’ll find a community that supports you and your goals, whether it’s to destroy every non-blue in sight or make a mountain of ISK by trading, industry, mining, or PVE?

Look no further. Eternity Inc. is a corporation focused on providing meaningful endgame content to its members whatever their interest. As a member of The Imperium, we have access to all the tools and resources of the coalition. As a member of Goonswarm Federation, we enjoy the benefits of a highly organized content delivery system and communication network.

We are responsible for the defense of the homeland and supporting The Imperium in its wars of conquest and retribution. That means we need pilots capable of PVP that are able to be self-directed and self-supporting. You will also be expected to have demonstrable PVP experience, or be willing to learn. Logistics, e-war, and capital pilots are always welcome.

As a member, you will be based out of Delve but be able to live and work wherever the Goonswarm Federation flag is planted.

Some of the benefits of membership:
• Highly organized training and mentorship program. If there is something in EVE you don’t know, or want to learn, there is a person to help you.
• Ship replacement programs at both the Alliance and Corp level. This has the net effect of reducing your costs to PVP nearly to nothing.
• Content in every time zone. We have FCs available around the clock searching for and delivering content to you.
• And more!

Join our in-game channel e-t-n-y and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

See you soon!

Don’t be shy. We don’t bite.


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