Copy And Paste features

I think that it would be great if a new feature would be introduced. By the title, you may guess what it would be. I would like to be able to copy and paste chat segments, within, and outside of eve. This would be great because you could tell someone what was said earyler, when they were not on, without the hassle of re-writing it.

control c / control v on windows
command c / command v on mac
and I’m pretty sure there is a copy option if you click the right mouse button

Maybe copy and paste it into your Notepad?

You can copy chat if you right click on the window. There is also a log of everything typed in all of your chat channels in your “my documents” folder on your windows computer.


You can also right click a message someone sent in a chat box and copy it in addition to finding it in your chat log. Same with paste.

I have Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V attached to the two side buttons on my mouse. They work fine for this.

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