Why cant i select or highlight a line of text in chat?

when ingame many times if i join a special fleet im requested to copy and paste a chosen text icon to the name of my ship , this icon it may be a text symbol of any form and for some reason i am unable to select and highlight any text ingame in chat. have i missed a setting somewere to enable this or does it not exsist? anywere else may it be on your PC or a website i can do this simple thing even in this window as i make the topic. EXAMPLE –

Not sure the basis behind selecting text the way they do it. But you can right click and “copy text” or “copy all”. Copy text will copy 1 piece of conversation at a time.
Me: dude, Activision is laying off 800 ppl!!
Friend: bye diablo

If you right click my sentence and choose copy text, it will copy everything I said in that sentence/paragraph, including my name.

Copy all will select mine, my friends, or any other chat in that particular window.

Hope that helped.
I may have the wording wrong.

yea … that method rather sucks would be nice if we could just highlight a single word or letter/icon/symbol or part of a sentance . that would be wonderful.

I agree, but for now copying and pasting into word is a workaround. A shitty workaround

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Especially now with the introduction of the new chat system.

And if karkur is ever allowed to do that, please also bring back CTRL Back to delete whole words as it is commonly used for in all other programs.

I tend to use the in game notepad for this which saves links too. But the irritating thing is when you copy and paste from the notepad the links are lost and you have to delete that portion of text and drag them across individually. This is probably my biggest grip with the entire copy paste thing in eve, it makes the lives of corp recruiters very inconvenient.

Well I say my biggest gripe… that’s my biggest gripe if everything was working properly, currently my biggest gripe is that most of the time half the alliance don’t get messages from the alliance chat and that the alliance window went from an instant member list to a list that is only populated if people talk. This is horrific and really should be changed.


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