Copy/paste into the compare tool

Dragging and dropping items into the compare tool is just too much of a hassle. The ‘compare’ option on the variations screen of a module is a great start but just lacking flexibility (my cheapskate self does not care about officer modules and need to remove them every time).

With a simple copy paste functionality that exists elsewhere in game (import fits/multibuy) it would be possible to import a list of modules from a pre-saved list. This would make comparing different kinds of things a lot easier. For example: which T1 frigate has the largest capacitor or power grid, which interceptors have 3 mid slots, etc. Next to that, you could easily export a number of modules with a couple of compared stats, which would be useful to us theorycrafters.

Simple background of myself: i like to theorycraft and spend almost as much time in the fitting window as i do actually flying ships. I know quite a bit of people in my alliance who have the same love for creating the ultimate minmaxed fits. What are your thoughts (perhaps from less theory-crafting individuals) on this proposal?

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