'Compare function' - adding 'all' to list


As you can see I marked 3 items on the left.
I then RMB and click ‘compare’ … and this is the result:

1 item in the list. The one i ‘rmb’ed’. The rest was ignored.

Marking several items (by using shift) and hitting compare has to add all marked items to the comparison.

There is no arguing about that.
What good is an empty comparison?

In fact: there should be the possibility to ‘compare group’ by clicking the tab (rmb) so you get all items in said list. That’s what most players will be after. You want to compare apples to apples. Not apples to Quafe-lite.

Eve has too many items to waste time clicking and studying each single one (at a time).
This is an overdue quality-of-life feature that will help starters and experienced pilots alike.

Fitting a ship doesn’t have to be a ‘day of work’ just because the accessibility lacks in places.
I think fitting can be one of the most enjoyable things… but this kinda issues sadly get in the way of it.

ps. dragging and dropping ‘it all’ will yield the same result = 1 item added to the list.
Ctrl+C/V doesn’t help either. IF there is some miracle way it certainly is not intuitive.


agreed, that should be fixed

workaround, if you show info on Heat Sink I, go to Variations tab, click Compare button, then every item in the group is added (even if you shift-click only the three you want)

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