Can we please organize the Attributes of items' bullets?

I’m tired of my eyes bouncing around when I’m comparing 4 items part of the same variation (T1, T2, Factional), and the Damage on one of them is the second point, and the 4th on the next one, 3rd on the next one.

It’s very unorganized and I click back mouse button and forward mouse button to do my calculations with the items, but it slows down on time, because I have to yet again, find the same statistic that’s elsewhere on the same variant of the item… Structure HP shouldn’t be on top for 1 item and on the bottom for it’s T2 variant.

Can we please organize that in a neat and orderly fashion? Would help a lot of people with OCD as well I believe, and it would be a more organized… spreadsheet…

Examples include but absolutely not limited to: “Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier” versus any other Drone Amplifier…

The question is: why are you flicking backwards and forwards through the info pages when the compare tool exists?

Go to the ‘Variants’ tab and hit ‘Compare’. You can click the various attributes which then show up for all items in columns, and order them by whatever attribute you want. You can even drag items from other categories into the window to compare common stats e.g. CPU and powergrid usage.


Yes I’m aware of the tool. That is just personal preference, if somebody links 3 different shields for example (1 thermal, 1 EM, 1 Kin, of different variants), it’s easier for me to click the back and forward mouse button a couple of times then start dragging the items… That’s the ergonomics of my mouse… This isn’t a beyond crazy suggestion.

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