Could we please have some consistancy with item info




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IT’s been a long standing issue and has been reported to CCP several times. They did not fix this even though they did a full rework of their UI.

If you’re using the compare tool, the layout of any individual item becomes irelevant.

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You’d think this would grate on someone’s OCD @ CCP…

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“Wish granted, item attributes are now all consistently sorted based on the attribute values”

well yes to all the above its still sad to see a brand new item just added to the game is wonky, its not so much being pissed off, hence the “please” and not" ■■■■■■■ sort" attitude to all this, rather it makes me wonder why its happening, obviously the data is imported to the slots, well who at CCP is not sending the right data to the right slot?

In fact, @The_Oz / @Mike_Azariah could you please have a word with CCP’s chief slot assigner and advise them there slot assignment requires better slot assigning.


Perhaps, but even then in the compare tool, the list of stats to check is just… weird. Order sure ain’t alphabetical, and certainly not placing the most relevant stats that 99% of people might be looking for when comparing modules towards the top of the list.

I mean, due to the large jumps between different stat values. In a lot of cases this would still sort stats to stah in the same relative position more. Might cause jumps when looking up/down a size in module like plates, or shield boosters.

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