Module attributes cleanup?

This is a problem on nearly every “attributes” tab, but it’s particularly bad for some modules that provide a wide range of bonuses (siege, bastion, triage, industrial core etc).

For example, take a look at the attributes page for Siege Module I:

Damn thing’s all over the place, why can’t they group them under categories like “defensive bonuses”, “offensive bonuses”, “electronic superiority bonuses”, “miscellaneous” etc? It’s not even alphabetical for f***'s sake!

Hell, they’re already doing this with ship attributes (structure, armour/shield, targeting, propulsion etc). It would be a wonderful QoL improvement.


Pyfa already does this, so it’s not unreasonable

Legacy code, but you are right.


That can’t be the case. CCP already tinkered with the attributes sorting when they put all resists of modules in one row as opposed to 4+ rows as it used to be. back then.

So… what you mean is CCP recorded a part of the display table that was already grouped to be grouped in a different way.
From what CCP have shown of Dogma they don’t have groups like described above, so would have to assign groups to all the attributes in order to do this.
I’m sure it’s quite doable, but it’s not a 2 second fix.

What I love is when you think a module had an attribute it doesn’t. The thing is such a mess you keep looking and looking, not sure if you missed it or it is not there :crazy_face:

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